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Fantastic Hong Kong Island Views from Mainland and Next to Cheapest Hostel’s

Morton’s The Steakhouse

You wouldn’t believe me if I told you, but one of the most popular American restaurants, located in Hong Kong, just so happens to be one of the best places that overlook Hong Kong Island. It’s in the Sheraton Hotel at The Elegance at Sheraton, 20 Nathan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Being a restaurant, with such a great location, it’s also important to keep business coming in. Now you can easily spend $100 / person here, but if you come in a little bit early and take a seat at the bar, you can order off the bar menu and grab a drink for less than $20 / person. Be careful, the drinks are your enemy here. So have one, enjoy the view, eat your delicious bar menu special, and check out my “On the Cheap!” to finish up the night. Or if you want to splurge, just go have fun!

Sky Lounge

Also in the same building is the Sky Lounge. It has much better hours than Morton’s. I would also say has the best view of Hong Kong Island because of all the glass windows and superb seating. But the trade off is the heavy price for drinks. NYC+ style, $15 – $20 for cocktails easily and food is basically the most expensive you will find. Check it out for a drink, take pictures, have the waiter / waitress take a picture of you, and on to the next.

On the Cheap! Avenue of Stars

This is the prime real-estate to see and watch the light shows that Hong Kong Island has. It’s all public and it is very easy to just bring your own food and booz. Drop by 7-11 for a 24oz Tsingtao (Chinese beer). If you want to keep it straight Hong Kong style, grab a Carlsberg or Blue Girl, which aren’t necessarily brewed in Hong Kong, but are owned there. Invite your girl or your friends and just relax, enjoying the view… you will not be the only one.


Places to Stay

Chungking Mansions!

Okay, this is by far one of the most interesting places I have ever stayed at. It was busy! There are TONS of people. Hong Kong in general have TONS of people. Everyone is soliciting you for some form of anything that they can sell you. You can literally eat any type of food that exists in this world in this single place alone. You can also get lost and turned around in here at the drop of a hat. I also distinctly remember walking down a back stairwell and smashing a spider the size of my hand with my foot. Not for the faint of heart, but you can also get the cheapest rooms (shared of-course) in all of Hong Kong: $6 USD a night is what we paid. Find it very close to the southern tip of Kowloon here: 36-44 Nathan Road in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong


Trust me, if you cannot rough it, do not even try the Mansions. Go visit, but then across the street, you can go get yourself a Hotel. Pick one, any one… You can pay anywhere between $70 USD to $350 USD. I found a Very nice one for $110 USD / night at the Kowloon Hotel. Also a nice tidbit, I walked in and they told me $200 USD, then went to and found it for $110, booked it online, and walked in an hour later with my reservation already done.

Enjoy Hong Kong. It’s definitely a busy place, somewhere I’d like to go back to for sure. The Island is very popular and very busy as well, also with a wide variety of low to high priced places to stay. I can write about that experience another time.

Time for Sake in Shinjuku: Tokyo, Japan @ MARUKO株式会社西池袋店

268139_167069750025171_7711393_nSometimes it’s those places that you just randomly pop into, after a wretched 14 hour plane flight, 1 hour train ride, while carrying your backpack, just desperate for a place to sit down and drink a beer. Well, here we were, first night in Japan, not even checked into our room yet, and we were all of the above: tired, hungry, lost, etc… The bright lights in Shinjuku with the homey atmosphere and cool night life made this a fantastic stop. So fantastic, we had to find it again on our last night in Japan.

The place is called Maruko, you can look it up using this address: 新宿 丸港水産 新宿本店
– or just click the link.

Why so amazing? 2 reasons:
10670030_10152712899451063_4366046473834625302_nThe extremely wide variety of seafood, cooked right at your table in front of you. You walk in and it smells salty. This is a truly authentic Japanese restaurant with a rustic feel, tiny stools to sit on around a table, baskets to put your shopping items in, and it is busy! But do not worry, they have an entire second floor of seating for overflow. We ordered a variety of seafood, from Crayfish to Scallops to Shrimp, to Tuna. Anything you can imagine, and it will come out fresh to you, likely with bone or in it’s respective shell. And you know that it is fresh because you are more than likely sitting right next to the seafood tanks. The food is cooked on a mix between propane or butane grills that definitely got their use out of them right next to you. You snack on free snails or eel, depending on the night. It is surely exciting.

10477012_10152712899506063_4816039540600977672_nThe Sake! There are about 10 to 15 choices of Sake. While it may not sound like a huge selection, ask yourself how much Sake you think you can really drink. And then look at the way they are served. While pouring the Sake into the shot glasses, we thought the waitress was over pouring because the the boxes the shot glasses were in were also filled up all the way. But, that is the tradition. My favorite was the Spicy Sake. Of-course there is a full selection of Japanese, Chinese, and other South East Asian beers. And it is quite youthful inside, 20′s and 30′s. Being American, we regularly got the hidden phone pics and all that…

If you are ever in Shinjuku, or anywhere in Tokyo for that matter, give this one a visit. It’s very close to the Shinjuku train station and Metro.