Augustiner Braustueberl, Salzburg Austria – Beer Hall Glory!

Lindhofstrasse 7Salzburg A-5020Austria

It was more than ten years since I have been to this Bavarian Beer Hall. And my story just continues to morph as I continue to tell it. Maybe this post will straighten things out a bit.

We were basically kids at the time, exploring Europe on a backpacking trip, when we ran into an English Teacher in our Hostel (best way to find new things). He invited us out and took us to the Augustiner Braustueberl Beer Hall, a local pub.

Augustiner_Braustueberl_entranceWe must have entered in the back because I remember seeing large arched doorways in all wood. I did find a picture of the front. They have tons of Bicycle racks.

After getting in, it was time to select what size mug you want, obviously we all chose the large compared to the small. The mugs were regularly being cleaned out and re-stacked like clock-work.Augustiner_Braustueberl_mugs

Augustiner_Braustueberl_mug_cleanIt was a good idea to make sure you also did a follow up rinse. Not to worry, the alcohol content in the beer will take care of any germs. I remember telling the story as the rinsing station was really a fountain of beer. I guess after a couple my story got a bit convoluted. The real beer was out of wooden casks that stayed in cool temperatures naturally cooling the booz.

Augustiner_Braustueberl_crowdOnce you grab your food and drink, you can either sit outside or inside. We visited in the Winter time so naturally the inside hall was packed. What happened next, is something that I had never really seen before. It must of been a special event or this happens every day. Everyone was dressed in a very dutch style, lederhosen and all. Before we knew it, the locals were putting their arms around us, inviting us to dance, be merry, and joyful. It was quite an experience. Very highly recommended. So much so that I had to post about my adventure 10 years ago.

To date, Salzburg Austria remains to be one of my favorites in the world. The tiny city that sits in between a river and cliff ledge being the Alp Mountains. We went skiing shortly after and extended our original 2 day trip to 5 days, because we enjoyed ourselves, the view, the locals, and the food / drinks so much!

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